On Road Travel Group is an established company that knows all facets of entertainment travel and tour logistics. Having worked with Australia’s biggest festivals and many local and international acts, we know how important it is to adhere to budget constraints. Our Travel Concierge’s can assist with all factes of travel extending to VIP requests, streamlined group bookings, extra security, private hotel entrances and security licensed ground transportation drivers 24 hours, 7 days a week. We know there can be endless changes to a tour at any time of day. Last minute changes are our specialty.


Specialised consultants
With an experienced team to back our core services, we offer specialized services for certain experiences or occasions. If you’re in need of someone to man the fort at your next big music event, we’re your team. Best of all, if you have a specific or special request, we’ll be there to honour it.
Our commitment to quality
Our team respects that everyone has a budget that needs to be kept in mind from start to finish. Working towards achieving your requirements and initial brief, we can ensure you’re able to gain the experience you want, without the hefty price tags. Best of all, we do this by only delivering the absolute best quality customer service, support and guidance along the way.
Confidentiality when you need it most
We lend a listening ear to whoever approaches us for support. Our team is sensitive enough to take note of the fact that each client comes with different needs and circumstances, and we always endeavour to protect this in all aspects of our work. On the Road Travel Group takes the comfort of the customer very seriously, therefore, whenever we’re given the opportunity to assist someone with their unique challenges, we’ll always deliver the utmost care and respect.


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