Musicians, artists, performers, are special people. We, make their tours and travels special!

We provide exclusive, economic, scalable travel solutions to performing artists around the globe. Tailored to your specific needs, we leave no stone unturned in bringing you the most VIP entertainment travel and logistics assistance.
Think of Aladdin’s Genie here… Well, we can’t offer you a flying carpet but what we can do is – make your journey from flight bookings, freight logistics and customs clearance to accommodation, extra security requests and everything else absolutely seamless and swift.
We are as efficient, resourceful and on the ball as the Genie.It’s only that the Genie can’t hold a candle to us when it comes to the number of wishes.Because he gives you no more than THREE. While we don’t even keep count of them!

Tailored Travel Consultancy

Sometimes entertainment crews hesitate to make requests that may sound unusual. Honestly, no request is unusual for us!

We make sure whatever you ask for comes to you with a swish of our magic wand.

Offering a wide array of travel solutions, we ensure easy bookings, smooth boarding and departures, quick hotel room and floor reservations, safe costume and equipment transfers and more.

Quality Is What We Are Known For

We have closely worked with some of the biggest names in the music, entertainment, films and theater industry.

That’s why we actually understand how much each performance or show matters.

On the Road Travel Group makes sure that the show goes on without a hitch by supplying premium white-glove travel service plus exclusive behind-the-scene coordination.

And, believe it or not, no crew is too small or too big for us!

Confidentiality When You Need It Most

Upholding professionalism and keeping our standards high, we keep every piece of information strictly confidential!

As we work with all sorts of music, theater and movie groups, sometimes they worry about their private information getting leaked.

With us, not a chance in hell… We truly appreciate the sensitivity of the matter.

We see that you get high-end travel management while keeping all aspects of your travel confidential and protected.

Round the Clock Customer Support

24/7 personalized support is one feature among the many that let us stand out from the crowd.

You will get a personalized, one-on-one experience with On the Road Travel Group.

And that’s only possible when you have a personal dedicated travel concierge around the clock at your service that knows your specifics to a tee…

That also means you’re never going to struggle with an after-hours customer service!