Why you can trust On the Road Travel Group

24/7 personalised service

Never speak to an after hours service

Only deal with own dedicated travel manager

Super quick turnaround from request to booking

Commitment to budgets

Online payment system

Access to agent only special airfares

Long list of industry contacts & travel partners

Specialise in last minute changes

Highest level of service and product knowledge

On the Road Travel Group understands the heaviness you feel when embarking on that all so important event or tour. The truth is that tours/events and travels do get nasty if not planned well and through a legit agency.

Good news, your stress ends here!

We at On the Road Travel Group (OTRTG) will make your next corporate, conference or musical tour seamless, smooth and slick as a whistle…

We Offer 24/7 Personalised Customer Support

You’ll never speak to an after-hours service plus your own dedicated manager will take care of all your tour needs.

We Are Super Quick!

We value your time. Therefore, our turnaround time from request to booking goes by light’s speed.

We Are Economic and Budget Friendly

To us, your budget is most important. We make sure you get top-notch VIP service no matter what budget you’re on.

We Are Efficient

We are advanced in tech… So, online payments are no problem whatsoever.

We Have Solid Contacts

Having served years in the touring business, our highest valued feat is our widespread network: worldwide travel partners, industry contacts.

We Are Specialists!

We’ll make the dreaded “last minute changes” a walk in the park for you. With our highest level of product and service expertise your tour will be a success. Mark that!