Thinking of organizing group travel can send shivers down one’s spine… Because, as it happens, travel management is not just putting down names, signing people up and seeing them off. There’s a LOT to be done to make a trip a smooth, seamless and happy experience.

Not up your alley? Nothing to worry about. That’s what WE specialize in!

On the Road Travel Group has been providing all-inclusive, customized, fitting travel solutions to all sorts of business corporate, entertainment, sports or school groups across the earth, since 2007.
Our mission is to redefine group travel, by offering the most tailored, high-end, high-touch sort of travel management service in a market where a cookie-cutter approach is the norm. Where they think of groups as “flocks”.
That is exactly where WE are making the difference.

Why Choose Us?

Disrupting the one-size-fits-all tradition, we provide a seamless, easy and pleasurable experience to every single individual on your group – as they do business, spectate an exciting sporting event, attend a conference or enjoy a concert of their favorite rock band.

Effective Planning for 10 to 100+ Persons

Every travel group happens to be unique and their goals are never the same. We excel in orchestrating right-sized, most well-suited travel solutions, precisely meeting YOUR group’s needs.

Exclusive Access to Juicy Offers

We’ve been around pretty long. Having made solid connections across the industry (airlines, hotels, resorts) we’re proud to offer our clients VIP discounts and premium packages.

Booking On Most Convenient Terms

Unlike individual bookings, with a group (10+ persons) you aren’t required to pay up the full amount on booking. Just a security deposit and you can “layby” your trip.

Special Service for Small Groups

We also do small groups or individual tours. So, whether it’s a much-needed family getaway or old-timers’ reunion, a sporting event or corporate conference, count on us anytime!

27/7 End-to-End Personalized Support

Your dedicated travel specialist will be in touch with you throughout your trip, oiling the wheels with innovative, proactive, high-touch airside assistance plus ground support.