On the Road Travel Group is one of Australia’s leading travel and tour management agencies. Simply put, we put your mind at rest by taking care of your flight bookings, accommodation, transport liaison, and basically everything travel-ish…

We started back in 2007. Yes, the start was small and limited. But, our goal was crystal clear from day one: Becoming a household name for all corporate and business travelers out there. And we did it!
Well, the journey has been both smooth and bumpy. But more than anything it’s been a hell of a learning curve – adding to our expertise, industry knowledge and contacts and customer-satisfaction skills every passing day.

Today, backed with years of experience in what we do, we stand tall.

We are proud of the fact that we have worked with, and provided exceptional touring solutions to, some really big names in a variety of sectors like sports, music and entertainment and business corporate.

Meet Our Director

Her name is Simone. She’s not only the director but also a co-founder of On the Road Travel Group. Above all, she’s the “go-to person” for those wanting to travel without any hassle and headaches.

That’s because Simone has proved herself as the most reliable travel consultant in Australia through her mastery over everything related to travel and her excellent tour management capabilities.

Simone sure is a gifted travel agent but validating her outstanding travel expertise is her Advanced Diploma and Degree in Tourism, which puts her up in the ranks of Australia’s most trusted travel-management professionals.

Her success mantra is one: Do what you love, and you’ll do wonders…

What We Do

Are we just offering cookie-cutter travel services like the rest of the market?


As a matter of fact, we are always focused on offering tailored solutions for travel management to our clients. That means, we truly understand that each and every client that knocks on our door for help is unique and comes with their own set of specifications.

That’s the reason why we dedicate all our efforts to giving you a personalized unforgettable travel experience.

Further, we pride ourselves on the fact that we are a one-stop shop for all types of clients looking for customized assistance! That literally means there’s no limit to what we can do to make the travel element of your event, conference, tour or show a painless experience.

Whether it’s accommodation, flight bookings, equipment transfers, personal security, general travel guidance, or even last minute changes in plan… Don’t worry. We’ll see to all that!

Why choose us?

People do tend to break out in a cold sweat when a travel is not just for pleasure or fun but there’s actually an important business activity pinned to the tour.

The travel then means difference success and failure.

That’s where we come in. We make the travel so seamless and smooth that you can totally forget about all the tour-related problems and concentrate on what really matters to you.

Strategizing a cost-effective, result-oriented, client-focused approach, we make sure that the moment you contact us, your travel element becomes free of stress. Therefore, throughout the tour/conference/festival you’re on your game, cool and composed while your travel from A to Z is in safe hands!