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Our team is highly experienced and skilled within the travel industry, having applied their knowledge and passion for travel since 2007. We continue to offer our clients a range of travel-focused experiences, including transport liaison, hotel and flight coordination, accommodation options and more. “You’re likely see us working of magic across sports, entertainment, film art and even corporate sectors.

Simone is an experienced Travel Consultant, Director and Co-founder of On the Road Travel Group. She holds an Advanced diploma and degree in Tourism Management and brings a world of experience and vast array of product & industry knowledge to your business. Specializing in entertainment travel and tour logistics for the last 10 years, her roots of travel started in leisure travel at Australia’s largest travel agency back in 2007. Simone has worked with the biggest festivals to travel Australia along with many local and international acts. She has never lost her passion for package holidays and giving each and every client a memorable holiday experience. Simone’s passion for industry is brought out by her top level of customer service, her excellent industry contacts and always wanting to find her clients the best value.

About Us

On The Road Travel Group


We believe that travelling is best done when you’ve envisioned your journey from start to finish. With a decades experience, we’re not small players in the game. During the last decade of our journey, we’ve tried to understand the needs and demands of customers we’ve helped along the way, allowing us to better our services and points of difference to bring you our renowned specialisations.

As we maintain a client-focused approach, our aim is to satisfy our customers through the quality and reliable service that we’ve become known for. Not only do we offer management services, we also provide a variety of travel-related solutions that solve your problems and eliminate hurdles.

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Specifically designed to meet the demands each and everyone of our clients, we continue to remained focused on offering tailored solutions for travel management and experiences. Our clients us knowing their requirements can fulfilled, without having ask twice.

From personalized services through specialist consulting – we’re here the hard work you don’t have to. hottest buy tag heuer replica with discount

We usually expect a journey to safe and comfortable one that allows us travel from one place to another with facilities that keep us happy and entertained.

Some travelling agencies offer a number of services, with features ranging from small-scale to large. Some offer the very best in facilities, while others can take care of certain aspects your trip. If you’re looking for full-suite of services that take you destination to another, the while organising your overall experience, you’ve turned the right team.

We give a listening ear to whatever our customers have to say to us. We are sensitive enough to take note of fact that each client has different needs. This is why for whatever problem the customer is facing, we are able to deal with every problem and offer lasting solutions. Our company takes the comfort of the customer very seriously therefore whenever they come to us we treat the problems with the seriousness they deserve. We handle crisis situations to the best of our ability because we realize that travel management plays a crucial role in corporate crisis management plan.

As a serious professional company, we always treat our VIP clients with utmost confidentiality. There is therefore no need to second guess this. We will ensure every detail is safely locked away. We have no limits on our scope of operation. Whenever we are contacted, we are flexible so we can operate anywhere around the world and be in a position to respond to our clients as fast as possible.

We offer some at best services in business which is individual or corporation should look forward to being part of our world-class travel management experience. This coupled with our professionalism and consistency will surely enable you best of managed travel.

Specialist consultants
Specifically specialized in corporate, leisure and entertainment travel, our experienced consultants can help tailor an experience, that encompasses all of your interests and requests. From initial accommodation quotes to the whole organization of a tour/event/meeting, our staff is your support system from start to finish.
We’re here at your demand. No matter your arrangements, we can fulfill them. Whether you’re after meeting arrangements or someone to greet your guests—our team is here to do it all for you, all with a smile to go along with our determination.


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